Super Bowl LVIII Squares Fundraiser

Directions for 2024 Super Bowl Pool

Welcome to our Second Lavi Project Super Bowl Pool!! 

50% of the funds collected will be spent on the kids. The other 50% will go to the 4 square winners.

$500 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd end of quarter winner. $1,000 to the final score winner.

If you want to donate your winnings please put “keep it” after your name in your square.

Venmo @bousoltimoun-orphans

After paying please email for the password. This password is needed to pick a square. Please include what name you will be putting on the square.

Lavi Project Fundraising Super Bowl Pool is an online squares contest created for free at Super Bowl Pool Site.

The investment is $50 per square. This is very similar to most Superbowl squares pools. Nothing different except that 50% of the pool money is being donated to the Lavi Project. You help support the needs of orphans in war-torn Haiti.

Prizes include:

— $500 for the final score of Q1
— $500 for the final score of Q2
— $500 for the final score of Q3
— $1000 for the final score of the game.

$2,500 will be donated to the Lavi Project for care of the kids at Bousol Timoun Orphanage. 

Please go to to see some of the amazing work being done.

Please visit the  Contest Rules page for any additional details provided by the commissioner, including payment information, prize details, and preferred methods for paying for your entry.

This will be a great opportunity to combine the fun of the Super Bowl with the meaningfulness of supporting our less fortunate Haitian neighbors to the south. To participate in the Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser, fill out the form, and we will get right back to you with specific details! 

Here is the best part– All proceeds go to provide one month of security for the orphans and staff at Bousol Timoun Orphange.