Lavi Project is a non-profit charity organization on a mission to bring hope and healing to the orphaned children of Haiti. With the help of Stateside and local volunteers, we work to alleviate the suffering caused by disease, sickness, and poverty.

It’s true: we all want to make a positive impact on the world around us. Whether it’s for our families, our communities, or globally. It doesn’t take much to make a difference – even a small act of generosity can set off a chain reaction of change.

The Early Days

In 2006, an individual had a moment of generosity that led to the creation of Lavi Project. Unable to participate in an organized trip to Haiti to help at an orphanage, they offered the trip to Bob Bancroft for free. This act of kindness became the catalyst for Lavi Project.

Bob’s heart was captured by the people of Haiti and their struggles, as well as their joy in the face of hardship. Over the next ten years, Bob led twenty trips to Haiti through Love in Motion, a subsidiary of Monadnock Bible Conference. These trips included work teams and medical teams. Bob often brought his own youth group and family members. He even made an unplanned trip to rescue and rebuild after the earthquake in 2010.

A New Vision is Born

Excitedly, Bob identified many people in his life and professional network with medical skills that could be valuable in Haiti. With a desire to make a difference and a vision to lead a team on his own, Bob founded Lavi Project in 2016. The organization has since grown and impacted the lives of many in Haiti.

Lavi Project is made up of a network of individuals with a passion for helping others. Together, we have accomplished much and have visions for the future. Join us in making a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.”


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